Foundations for Divergent Minds is a registered 501(c)(3) education organization based in Texas. Founded by Autistic and Neurodivergent people, we aim to offer a variety of Neurodiversity-based education for families and professionals who work with neurodivergent children. Our education comes in several formats including a regularly updated blog, a course for parents in how to set up their home, and professional development course for educators, therapists and service providers to better understand and meet the needs of their students and clients.

Our Courses

Changing the Way We Support

Course for Educators, Therapists and Related Professionals

Building Support at Home

Course for Parents, Guardians and other Caretakers

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Vice President

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Community Outreach

Latest Articles

Neurodiversity is Respect

But a world that’s built only for certain types of people can be isolating even with decent accommodations. People deserve more than the right to participate. They deserve to decide what they do and don’t participate in. They deserve to have spaces that are ready for them in their entirety. They deserve respect.

Neurodiversity is Access

Though it remains imperfect, access is an essential component of neurodiversity. In a world full of opportunities, legislation such as the IDEA and ADA provides opportunities for neurodivergent people to access the recreational, educational, social, Read more…