DIY Supports: Sensory Den

In an effort to make supporting your neurodivergent child accessible to all, we have decided a monthly series in creating supports in your home on a budget. Today we are creating a Sensory Den.

All items were purchased at either a dollar store or Walmart with the knowledge that in many places in the United States these are the only stores accessible.

Picture with a white background, a purple hula hoop, a set of gray curtains and a roll of twine

Supplies needed:

1 hula hoop
1 ball of twine
1 bungee cord (not pictured)
1 set of curtains

Total purchase price: $12 USD

A white background with a portion of a purple hula hoop with twine over lapping the bottom edge with the rest of the twine sitting beside it.

1. Cut 2 lengths of twine about 6 inches longer than the diameter of the hula hoop and set aside.





A purple hula hoop with a black connector on a white background2. Next, find the joint where the hula hoop connects together and disconnect them. If yours doesn’t have one, you will need to cut your hula hoop. My hula hoop had beads inside that I removed.




3. White background with a purple hula hoop on top with a curtain sitting to the left side.Feed the curtain onto the hula hoop. Depending on your hula hoop size, you may need more than 2 curtains. As another option, you can also use a shower curtain with curtain hooks. A curtain was chosen as they are designed to block outside light.




4. Picture of a hand holding a loop knot on twine above a purple hula hoop and white backgroundTie a loop into your twine. Then tie your twine to your hula hoop.





5. A gray curtain hanging around on the top, left and right sides showing a ceiling through an open hole in the middlePull the bungee cord through the loop and mount it to your chosen corner. We choose a corner where two loft beds meet. If you are mounting to a wall, make sure you find the studs in your wall.




Other options for getting a curtain would be to look at a local thrift store, a closeout store or if you sew, purchasing fabric to make your own.

We hope this was useful to you. Look for our next low-cost home supports.