Our Team

Melody Latimer

Native American woman with brown hair and glasses in a teal shirt and black necklace standing in front of a building and potted plants.Melody Latimer is an Autistic adult, parent to 3 neurodivergent children and a disability advocate with nearly a decade of experience. She combines these into her true passion educating people in alternative methods to support and educate autistic and neurodivergent people. Prior to founding Foundations for Divergent Minds , she was with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network where she started out as the leader for the Dallas-Ft. Worth chapter, then joined the national office in Washington, DC as the Director of Community Engagement.

Melody has represented the Autistic community in policy discussion at the Department of Education, Department of Labor and Department of Health and Human Services. She regularly speaks at conference across the United States on subjects such as transition to adulthood, language and perception, and home and community based services, as well as others. When not focused on her advocacy work, she enjoys spending time with her spouse and children, sewing bags and clothes, and watching TV from under her weighted blanket.


Carly Nelson
Content Writer

Picture of a female-presenting person with red hair, wearing glasses in front of vertical blinds.Carly Nelson is a neurodivergent graduate student who is in the process of becoming a speech-language pathologist. She is passionate about supporting the growth and self-advocacy of other neurodivergent people by building a world that honors diverse needs.



Cortney Drouhard
Graphic Designer

Picture of a female-presenting person with short brown hair and a floral shirt sitting with a black and white dog on a black couch.Cortney Drouhard is a multiply-Disabled Autistic self-advocate from Ohio, who specializes in child development, parent education, and disability activism.

They can be found alongside their Service Dog, Sherlock, promoting intentional communciation, self-advocacy skills, and science based perspectives on childhood and behavior.