Statement on Rachel Dorsey, SLP and Learn Play Thrive’s plagiarism, appropriation, and erasure of BIPoC Autistic content

Foundations for Divergent Minds (FDM) is a grassroots organization that was founded in 2018 to advance and educate on the Neurodiversity paradigm using a systemized framework. This impactful framework took several years to prior to the inception of the organization. It draws upon decades of Autistic and disability practice and activism by our founding […]

Equity and Justice for the Autistic Community

As an all Autistic-run organization, Foundations for Divergent Minds recognizes the disparities for autistic people run deep. In education, healthcare, housing, jobs and community, our needs are frequently unmet. When you add in the intersection of race, sexuality, gender, class and other disabilities, these disparities stop being proverbial cracks to fall through and instead are […]

Neurodiversity is Respect

But a world that’s built only for certain types of people can be isolating even with decent accommodations. People deserve more than the right to participate. They deserve to decide what they do and don’t participate in. They deserve to have spaces that are ready for them in their entirety. They deserve respect.