Building Support at Home

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This course is meant for parents, guardians and caretakers of neurodivergent children. This course will walk you through the 5 foundations and help you explore how to set up a room or your home to better meet your child’s needs. In each lesson, you will learn valuable information that can be immediately applied. Built by Autistic and neurodivergent people, the Foundations for Divergent Minds model takes a unique approach to providing support to your home.


What I will learn?

  • Identify the neurodivergent traits in my child(ren)
  • Create a plan to support my child(ren)'s needs
  • Apply my knowledge to improve my child's quality of life

Course Lessons & Quizes

Building Support at Home

  • The Basics of the Five Foundations
  • Foundation 1: Sensory Integration
  • Foundation 2: Executive Functioning
  • Foundation 3 and 4: Communication and Social Interaction
  • Foundation 5: Emotional Regulation
  • Perspective and Perception

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