We Need to Talk About Your Child

Isn’t that how the discussion usually starts? The one where parents are told there’s something “wrong.”

There’s something going on…

He’s not meeting his milestone.

She’s showing some red flags.

Your child is…..

As a parent, your defenses go up, “But there’s nothing wrong with my child!”

And you are right. There is nothing wrong with your child. Your child has a disability. 20% of the population has a disability. The child you love, they are still there just as they were.

But then you hear it again. This time..

We think your child has autism.

“But my child is wonderful! Can’t they see that?”

He is wonderful. You are right. Don’t lose that. You can keep accepting your child as they are. It’s not giving up on your child. Being autistic doesn’t mean she’s not wonderful.

Your child has autism. They need to go to this school. They need these therapies. They need these interventions.

You begin to doubt yourself. Your child isn’t measuring up against the peers they’ve been around since they were babies. “Maybe there is something wrong with my child.”

But no, you were right the first time. There’s nothing wrong with your child. Your child is still wonderful. Your child is not wrong. Your child lives in a world not made for them. Your child is autistic. Accept your child just as you’ve always done. Defend your child’s right to the way they learn and move and communicate. Learn that they will not grow out of being disabled. Learn that you can support their disability. Learn that they don’t have to be like everyone else to be right.